Blockchain simulator of fighting promotions
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Make real money with your team of virtual fighters
Blockchain simulator of fighting promotions
Buy a fighter in the FightingNet game, watch livestreams of his fights and earn real money from his success
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Watch the tournament livestream recording and get a free NFT — your first virtual fighter.
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After the livestream you will be rewarded with the first NFT card of a fighter in the blockchain game FightingNet
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What is
FightingNet is a blockchain game, a fighting promotions simulator.

Buy digital twins of real MMA fighters as collectible digital NFT cards or get them for activities only!

Use these cards in virtual tournaments and make money!
How Does it Work?
In the FightingNet game you will become a manager and create your own virtual fighting club collecting unique digital (NFT) card of real fighters.

Having a fighter card, you can put it up for a virtual tournament, where the manager whose fighters have won real life tournaments becomes the winner. The winning manager gets new unique cards and monetary prizes formed of the funds collected from the livestream’s views.

The amount of prize money depends on the card category. There are four of them:
  • Regular – free
  • Bronze- rare
  • Silver – super rare
  • Gold – unique
How to Get a Fighter Card?
There are 3 ways to get a card:
  • receive it for watching our livestreams
  • buy it
  • receive it as a reward for a win of your fighter in a tournament
Book an early access to the tournament livestream for 11 December and get a free NFT — your first virtual fighter.
About us
The project started in July 2020, when because of the pandemic FightingNet organized the first fighting show, which took place without a real-life audience: the images from web cameras of online viewers were projected on the walls.

At the same time we started working on development of our mobile app «FightingNet – fighters’ social network» - virtual space where a fighter can find a real opponent, organize a fight and a livestream of this fight, and earn some money.

So far, we have organized 14 amateur and 2 professional MMA tournaments and more than 300 fights!